10 best places to visit in sri lanka 2022| Travel Guide

10 best places to visit in sri lanka 2022| Travel Guide

Sri Lanka has it all – a balmy tropical climate, dramatic sandy beaches backed by lush deep green forests that sway to the sound of bird song, high-altitude hill-top hideaways, a diverse array of wildlife and traditional working tea plantations. With cities and towns bursting with colour, noise and life, Sri Lanka’s proud heritage is well-preserved and enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

Pretty villages and small towns sit sprawling along the coast or hidden deep into the countryside, its varied landscape dotted with important holy sites, temples and ancient ruins waiting to be explored.

Are you looking for a holiday destination that will help you forget the daily rigours? Are you looking for a place that will take you to cloud nine, away from the hustle and bustle of your hectic life?

Look no further: Sri Lanka, this tiny island nation shaped like a droplet of water just below the Indian peninsula, has much to offer any passionate traveller. Don’t let its size deceive you; Sri Lanka punches above its weight when it comes to tourism.


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