10 Must-Do North Island Experiences! New Zealand Travel Tips [ Ep 02 ]

10 Must-Do North Island Experiences! New Zealand Travel Tips [ Ep 02 ]

New Zealand Travel Tips Part 2 — Here’s our Top 10 experiences, things to do and attractions to see in the North Island. ✪ Want the best New Zealand travel tips for your trip? Check out our ultimate NZ travel guide — https://danegerandstacey.com/nzguide ⬇ More Below ⬇

New Zealand travel planning is on the top of the list for a lot of people right now — regardless of if you’re a Kiwi born and raised in NZ like us, now calling this place home or dreaming of visiting soon! As a travel destination New Zealand has so much to offer and there’s pages of travel vlogs, Google results, travel articles and blog posts discussing what to do for the perfect holiday, or vacation if that’s your term. To complicate planning, the North Island and South Island both offer their own unique adventures too.

We’ve spent the last year exploring New Zealand and sharing those experience through our travel vlogs here, but wit over 50+ episodes from NZ we’re often asked about the highlights, the best attractions… “no but, like, what cannot be missed?!”

Last week we bought you a vlog on part 1 from the South Island, this week we’re bringing you part 2 of our New Zealand travel tips series about our favourite experiences in the North Island. Each of these experiences features individually in one of our travel vlogs across our channel already and they’re all listed out below. Price indications are tricky because they change a lot (some tours have changed too sadly following the big C-19) and there’s often a good collection of different tour operators offering their own take on these experiences… either way, if you want to watch more, see who we traveled with, and enjoy a NZ travel vlog or 2:

1. Tongariro Crossing — Coming soon!

2. SkyWalk & Bridge Climb

3. Waiheke Island

4. Cape Reinga

5. Mangōnui Fish & Chips

6. Waitomo Glowworms

7. Rotorua

8. Unique Accommodation

Scan through our New Zealand Vlogs — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9YkejNj3Qw&list=PLUDuSYCnVh-RL6qJaLTZ63YZJdcIfriLH&t=0s

9. Bay of Islands

10. Rangitoto Hike

Footage credit — some of the video used has been supplied by Tourism NZ, RTO’s or from Storyblocks to show angles (more like heights) we can’t capture.

| C H A P T E R S
0:00 Intro
0:54 Best Day Hike
2:25 Auckland Best Of
3:51 Island Vibes
5:06 Tip Of The North
6:15 Top Rated Fush & Chups
7:28 Famous Glowworms
8:53 Adventure Capital
10:01 Cool Accommodation
11:17 Cream Trip Cruise

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Now we spend most of our time in New Zealand, experiencing our own country through the eyes of a tourist and sharing that all here, with you.

And for what it’s worth, it’s pronounced Dane-Ger, aka Danger… not Dan-E-Ger 😱

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