Austin Travel Guide – Top 5 Weirdest Places in Austin, TX

Austin Travel Guide - Top 5 Weirdest Places in Austin, TX

In today’s travel vlog we’ll explore the weirdest things to do in Austin, Texas – including Chicken Bingo, the Cathedral of Junk, Hippie Hollow, South Congress and Peter Pan Mini Golf. These weird things to do in Austin will keep you entertained for hours!

Hi, I’m Michael Johnson with Film Compass – and I had the awesome opportunity to explore the many strange and weird places in Austin. So sit back, grab some popcorn, and discover what makes this city so weird.

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1. Chicken Sh*t Bingo

Located at the Little Longhorn Saloon, this is the weirdest game of bingo you’ll perhaps ever play. This game of bingo with a twist is exactly what it sounds like. Patrons buy randomly selected numbers and line up around a large bingo board to see which number the chicken will do his business on.

With great beer and a friendly atmosphere you’ll have a great time watching a chicken’s butt for a few hours. Going strong for over 25 years this fun game of bingo happens every Sunday from 4 – 8PM with awesome prizes for every winner!

Tickets for Chicken Bingo start at a $2 donation. If you’d like to just watch it’s completely free and incredibly fun! So be sure to stop by the Little Longhorn Saloon someday to experience why this game of bingo makes the top spot of weirdest things to do in Austin.

2. The Cathedral of Junk

Standing quietly in the backyard of a man on Lareina Drive – this whimsical masterpiece of art is just minutes from downtown Austin. The Cathedral of Junk is three stories and over 60 tons of junk. It’s one of the weirdest places in Austin that you can see because it’s incredibly design and absolute magnitude are something you just can’t truly appreciate until you walk through it’s halls.

The cathedral began in 1988 with steady additions added throughout the years. As you walk through the junk cathedral you’ll pass by illuminated beer signs, action figures and stairways that lead you to lookout towers, large lounge rooms and an observation platform.

The Cathedral of Junk is free to enter but it does take donations. Out of courtesy for Vince’s neighbors, be sure to park either in front of his house or down Southview street. Making an appointment to the Cathedral of Junk in advance is encouraged as the place can get somewhat busy.

3. Hippie Hollow Park

This park is famous for being Texas’s one and only clothing optional public park. Originally known as McGregor County Park, Hippie Hollow is located on the shore of Lake Travis in northwest Austin.

Hippie Hollow has been used as a nude swimming hole and sunbathing spot for decades. It quickly grew in popularity during the 1960’s and has been going strong ever since. The park is quite large at 109 acres and takes approximately 30 minutes to reach from downtown Austin.

Dogs, pets and those under the age of 18 are not welcome inside the park. You must be 18 years or older to enter. Cost for entry is $8 and is open from 9AM to about sunset.

4. Shopping on South Congress Avenue

The vibrant strip of South Congress, also known as SOCO, is filled with weird shops and things to do. This iconic street has been helping to keep Austin weird for decades and is the perfect place to window shop or grab a bite to eat.

South Congress is truly a melting pot of all things Austin. From seeing bats fly at dusk on the congress bridge to seeing live music and enjoying a night out with friends – this strip is one of the many things that makes south Austin weird and so special.

Allen’s Boots – his iconic store with its big red boot has been the premier store for cowboy boot shopping in Austin for decades. As soon as you step inside you’ll notice the awesome country decor and weird taxidermy that makes this place so fun to check out.

Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds – this enormous outpost is filled with weird masks and incredibly fun costumes. It seemingly has everything you could ever want for an awesome costume party. All the merchandise in the store can be rented with prices from $10 – $75.

Tesoros Trading Company – this fun store is home to imports from over 20 different countries.
You’ll find everything from art and crafts to traditional items from countries like Chile, Mexico, India, Peru and many more!

5. Peter Pan Mini Golf

Whenever I think of a fun chill night out in Austin I think of Peter Pan Mini Golf. It’s one of the best things to do in Austin and they even allow BYOB! You’ll commonly see lots of people on a Saturday night having a party!

Peter Pan Mini Golf has been considered an Austin landmark since 1948. You’ll immediately notice the whimsical statues at the course such as Peter Pan himself and the giant T-Rex that overlooks Barton Springs.

That’s everything – I hope you enjoyed my Top 5 Weirdest Places in Austin, Texas video. Remember to keep Austin weird and have a great day!


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