Christmas Bells concert of 36 different bells – Jerusalem International YMCA – Merry Christmas

Christmas Bells concert of 36 different bells - Jerusalem International YMCA - Merry Christmas

Information about the Christmas Bells concert of 36 different bells – Jerusalem International YMCAitself will be provided after this announcement.

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The YMCA building is one of the most magnificent in Jerusalem, and the impressive tower above the main entrance, rising to a height of about 50 meters, is one of the landmarks of the city. At the top of the tower, which can be reached by means of an elevator, there is an observation platform that commands a splendid panoramic view of the whole city and its environs.
Beneath the dome-covered balcony, there is a bell room housing 36 bells of different sizes, which together create the only bell carillon of its kind in the entire Middle East. The bells are made of bronze and they were cast in a London factory and assembled in the YMCA tower with the official consecration of the building in 1933. The biggest bell weighs 1,500 kilos and the smallest eight kilos. The bell chamber was dedicated to King George the Fifth.
Below the bell chamber level, there is the playing room, and in its center the bell console, which resembles a cross between an organ and a weaving loom and whose main section is an oak frame with 36 pegs. These pegs are arranged on a kind of keyboard; from each peg there extends a metal cable that goes up through a hole in the ceiling of the room up to the bell chamber and connects to the bell clapper. A gentle lowering of the peg or a swift knock with a clenched fist, as well as by the use of foot pedals (which activate 12 big bells and the same number of small bells) causes the movement of the clappers and the production of the sounds. The bells are arranged in three full octaves. Great skill is required to produce the sounds of the bell system, involving the rapid movement of fists across the keyboard – in order to produce the soft and quiet tones or the powerful and hard ones – and is physically demanding both on the hands and the feet.
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GABY SHEFLER, who was a professor of psychology at the Hebrew University and since his retirement has worked as a psychotherapist at the Herzog Medical Center in Jerusalem, is the most experienced carillonneur today in Israel for operating the YMCA bell system. When he was a student in 1973 he took a course for carillon bell players at the YMCA with eight other people, and also played for years in well-known bell towers in Europe and the United States. He has been playing uninterruptedly since 2006 in the Jerusalem YMCA tower. His unique concerts, which last from between half an hour to two hours, also serve to open many festivals in Jerusalem.

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