FUSETA – ALGARVE – PORTUGAL Travel Guide 2021 4K

FUSETA - ALGARVE - PORTUGAL  Travel Guide  2021 4K

Welcome to Fuseta which is a relatively unspoilt fishing town approximately 20km east of Faro and a great introduction to the east Algarve. Visiting the town and its beaches can be a great daytrip to experience some of the ‘local’ Algarve many of the bigger and more famous coastal towns are lacking. With some of the most stunning beaches within easy reach, it’s also great for a day on the beach too!

How to get here?
Fuseta is relatively easy to get to, with good access, by road, bus and even train. It’s a small town so once you arrive, it’s very simple to walk around. By bus, you’ll need to connect to a local service in Faro. EVA operate the service from Faro to V. R. St. Antonio regularly, and stops at Fuseta. It costs €4.30 for a one way and €8.60 for a return. To get the train to Fuseta you’ll again need to connect in Faro. Trains from Faro are available approximately every two hours throughout the day starting from 07:50 am. The return journey back to Faro is again available throughout the day, with the last train departing at 21:24. This is the same train line which will also take you to Olhão, Tavira, and all the way to V. R. St. Antonio.

What to see and do in Fuseta?
In the summer you’ll find open-air restaurants grilling fresh fish at the side of the small harbour, and just walking along the marina is a great experience. If you’re here early enough you may also get to see fisherman loading or unloading their boats for the day. The restaurants alongside the marina can get very bust at peak times so if you’re looking for lunch then get there early! Alongside the marina is also where you’ll find the various ticket offices for the ferries and boat trips into the Ria Formosa.

Fuseta’s Market – Mercado Municipal
While it is in no doubt overshadowed by nearby Olhao’s market, Fuseta’s own market is worth stopping by. This is a real local market and it’s great to witness local industry on this scale. If when you walked along the harbour you saw fisherman unloading their boats, this is where it will be heading. It’s also where many of the nearby restaurants buy their fish from, you can’t get more local or fresher than this!
If walking through the market made you hungry, then the lagoon facing plaza on Rua General Humberto Delgado is the place to head to next. It’s a small plaza lined with cafés, pastelarias and restaurants. Once again, you’ll find open air grills and lots of fresh fish all at pretty reasonable prices for the Algarve. If fish isn’t what you fancy then it’s a great spot to sip a coffee or an imperial! and remember also to visit the town`s main square, where you find some of the best restaurants in Fuseta.

Praia da Fuseta
Praia da Fuseta is the closest beach to Fuseta. It is within easy walking distance of the town and all the resources it offers. Owing to it being lagoon-side, the water is warmer, and the waves are non-existent. It’s a great beach for families with young children and is popular with the locals. For those that are feeling more adventurous, you can try stand up paddle boarding here too! A small restaurant is also on the beach. and during the summer a small area of the water is sectioned off for swimmers and is lifeguarded. A short walk along the beach will lead you to the visit the historic lifeboat station. It’s now out of use but maintained as a focal point for the beach.

Praia da Ilha da Fuseta(Fuseta Island beach)
is the beach on the island opposite Fuseta. For the more adventurous it’s a fantastic stretch of sand. The centre and the landing point for the water taxis and ferries is its busiest. But a short walk in either direction will lead you to an unspoilt section which you can call your own. In the central area, you’ll find a small bar, sun loungers to rent and well kept facilities. The beach is also lifeguarded during the summer season so you’re safe for a swim on the Atlantic facing beach. Regular boat services run from Fuseta marina and Praia da Ilha da Fuseta with the cheapest options usually costing around €2 for a return ticket.

Wildlife in Fuseta
As well as the ferries and boat trips to Fuseta Island, there are other boat trips available from the Marina. However, if you don’t fancy a boat trip Fuseta actually has several salt pans within walking distance that can be great for spotting birds and wildlife from. If you’re lucky, between November and March you might spot flamingos! If not flamingos then you’ll usually be able to see other birds like storks and spoonbills.

Fuseta or Fuzeta?
Interestingly, you’ll see both Fuseta and Fuzeta used for the town and its beach. Even some of the official signs for the town switch between the two spellings! The original and historical name was ‘Fozeta’ which came from Foz da Eta. Which was derived from the diminutive of ‘little river mouth’. Officially, its name is Fuseta, but Fuzeta continues to be used both locally and colloquially.



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