kalash valley Travel Guide 2021 | Urdu and Hindi | Kalash Valley in Pakistan

kalash valley Travel Guide 2021 | Urdu and Hindi | Kalash Valley in Pakistan

kalash valley Travel Guide | Urdu and Hindi
Kalash (English: Kalash) is a tribe located in the Hindu Kush in the Chitral District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. The place where this tribe resides is known as the Kalash Valley. This tribe speaks Kalashi language which belongs to the family of Dardi languages. This language is very popular in this region. The other languages ​​used in this region are Pashto and Urdu.
The culture of the Kailash tribes has the most distinctive features among the tribes settled here. Their culture is very different from the local Muslim population in every way and tourists from different parts of the world come in large numbers to the Kalash Valley to see this culture. These tribes religiously believe in many gods and their lives are influenced by nature and spiritual teachings. According to the religious traditions of the tribes here, the custom of sacrificing is common which is considered as a guarantee of prosperity and peace in their three valleys.
The Kailash Valley on the land of Chitral is a heartwarming valley. The beauty, culture and colors of the festivals are very different from other parts of Pakistan. The inhabitants of the valley seem determined to preserve their ancient traditions.
Tourists return to see the beauty of the area and the beauty of the people, but they are free from the worries, pains and emotions of the locals.
The distance from Chitral city to Bamburt valley is 40 km. After about 2 hours, you enter the beautiful valley of Bamburt It is home to 1800 people belonging to the Kailash tribe. In Bamburt, you can see lush fields of corn and wheat scattered along the flowing river of clear water and adorned with fruit trees of pear, apricot, walnut and apple.
The scent of pears and apples pervades the valley. Like Wadi Kalash, the women here are second to none in their beauty. Due to the beautiful maidens of Kailash dressed in their cultural attire seen everywhere, the scenes of Bamburt are further colored.
At the heart of the town is the Alexander Hotel, also known as Alexander the Great. Kailash means ‘one who wears black clothes’, the reason for this name is known by looking at the local dress. The women here wear long black frock-like kurtas, on which large and colorful designs are drawn by hand. A hat covering the head is also a part of this dress. It comes from the back and spreads in a circle on the top of the head. Dozens of oysters, snails, coins, buttons, colorful feathers and other decorative items are beautifully sewn on this cap-like piece of clothing.
The annual festival of Kailash tribe “Chilam Joshi” is famous as a colorful and popular festival of Pakistan which is why thousands of tourists including foreigners visit Kailash Valley every year to see this festival. This is the festival that has made the daily life of Kailash Valley and its unique way of life famous all over the world. This valley is also called Kafiristan. The area of ​​Kailash near Chitral consists of three valleys, “Rambor”, “Barir” and “Bamburit”. On the special three days of the festival, all the men and women gather in Bamburit Valley. The locals also call it “Chilam Josht”.

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