Local Eats at a Trendy GUAYAQUIL Food Hall | ECUADOR TRAVEL GUIDE

Local Eats at a Trendy GUAYAQUIL Food Hall | ECUADOR TRAVEL GUIDE

A trendy, modern Guayaquil food hall, Guayarte was created to give locals a safe place to go out for the evening with art, music, restaurants and bars.

Guayarte is this outdoor food court that opened up in 2019. But what is interesting about this spot is that in Guayaquil there are some neighbourhoods you don’t want to go into at night. It’s not quite safe enough. But here, this spot was actually created for locals not tourists.

So I wanted to try three spots tonight at Guayarte. The first stop is Inka Burger. And this was a food truck from Quito that became so popular, it is now franchised in the country. I decided to get the Inca Piña because it is a burger with grilled pineapple, smoked provolone cheese, it has some bacon on it, it also has some barbecue sauce.

Pineapple on any burger is amazing. If you don’t like pineapple on burger, you don’t know true joy. It is very messy. I know why this became so popular and this is an amazing burger.

Next up, we are at Mami-T. This is a restaurant from Guayaquil that has become very popular. It now has a number of locations. It’s also one of the prettiest spots in Guayarte.

It’s so warm here in Guayaquil, I love it and the beer is so cold. All right. So at Mama-T I wanted to try a traditional dish. This is called moro. it is lentils and rice. So if you heard of moro in other countries, especially Cuba, it often means beans and rice. But here it is specifically lentils. This dish is very much a traditional dish of Guayaquil.

However, they also add a lot to it. So, in this case it is a Moro de la Abuela. It includes a fried egg on top, we’ve got some plantains and also we have stewed beef.

This is an interesting mix at Mami-T because it’s very modern. However, the food is very homestyle/ Which is like the perfect combination. Remember I said there was cold beer, so overall this is a fantastic meal.

All right, so last stop, we walked by this spot called Koktilitos, which started over 15 years ago and it changed kind of the game for cocktails in Ecuador. So, before there were pre-made cocktails in cans and bottles around the world, you could only really get a cocktail if you made it at home or you went to a bar.

But if you wanted another cocktail, you’d always have to keep ordering these glasses. However, koktilitos was a little bit different because they sold at their bars, these one litre premixed drinks.

So you didn’t have to keep ordering glasses and eventually, they opened their own liquor store type places where you could just buy the litre cocktails and take them home.

So Andres told me the one that he liked the most was Esperarame en El Suelo. Or meet me on the floor. And that was because this was a very strong drink.

It actually kind of looks like a very…girly drink. But I guess you are quite young then, but old enough to drink, maybe. This is vodka, rum, orange juice and bitters.

I don’t know if this is going to taste like. Anyway I have loved seeing like all of these places and these stories of different restaurants and bars in Ecuador. But this drink, will you meet me on the floor? This is really good. It’s not real orange juice. I think it’s like Tang.


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