Maldives Maafushi Island Vlog | Arena Beach Hotel | Complete Budget Friendly Tour guide 2021

Maldives Maafushi Island Vlog | Arena Beach Hotel | Complete Budget Friendly Tour guide 2021

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Welcome to Maafushi and to the Real Maldives.
If you are Pakistan or any other country and planning to visit the Maldives then this vlog will guide you.
Maafushi is one of the greatest and most well-known nearby islands in the Maldives. It is situated in South Male Atoll only 27 km away from Male. 2700 individuals live on this heaven island. It’s astonishing in what capacity many individuals can live on a little real estate parcel, however as on different islands, you will not feel that the spot is stuffed.

Starting around 2010, Maafushi Island has drawn in an ever-increasing number of unfamiliar sightseers after the Maldivian government permitted to open visitor houses (little inns) in populated islands, and Maafushi was quick to give interest in the accommodation. Up to that point, explorers just remained at private island resorts that restricted spending plan the travel industry inside the country.

Starting in 2020, Maafushi has in excess of 50 economy inns, and this is the occupied island with the biggest number of guesthouses in the country.

What should be done IN MAAFUSHI

– Spend a day at the Bikini Beach

Very much like some other nearby island in the Maldives, Maafushi has two or three Bikini Beachs which are the just beaches where sightseers are permitted to wear a bathing suit, however, you can generally swim in the other public seashores as long as you were shorts and a shirt.

Significant: Bear as a primary concern that you should cover your chest and leggings while strolling around any neighborhood island in the Maldives.

– Sand Bank Trip

Head out to a shocking shoal for an outing lunch, a great spot to snap stacks of wonderful pictures, and partake in free waters. You will not be distant from everyone else on an outing island. These days, a ton of adjacent shoals and outing islands are involved by island resorts. So just close to Rihiveli is one of only a handful of exceptional spots to visit.

– Snorkeling Safaries

All guesthouses and water sports focus in Maafushi offer energizing excursions to stunning reefs that are loaded with brilliant coral gardens and are overflowing with marine life. The absolute best swimming destinations are Maavelaathu, Banana Reef, Vilivaru Corner, Turtle Garden and Maafushi Corner. All excursions are with a gathering. A few guesthouses sort out entire day trips in Vaavu Atoll and incorporate swimming, a shoal visit, lunch, and a safari with dolphins.

– Snorkel around a wreck

A few Hotels arrange a road trip that takes you to swim around this wreck, to swim with nurture sharks, takes you to Fulidhoo Island, a shoal and you can likewise see a lot of dolphins during the dusk.

Late evening fishing

Gotten fish can be cooked free of charge at your inn. There are a few sorts of fishing, the most effortless of them is the point at which they give you a reel with a fishing line and a snare. The choice is more genuine – major game fishing – chasing after huge fish – marlin, sailfish, barracuda.

Scuba Diving

Each and every individual who is fortunate to visit the Maldives needs to attempt scuba jumping to some degree once. It will be a remarkable encounter! In the area, aside from coral nurseries, there is a disaster area, however, just affirmed jumpers can arrive. Here, an ordinary jump costs around 40 USD.

On Maafushi there are 4 jump habitats, which guides have PADI testaments. In the event that you wish, you can likewise take a course and get an endorsement from a jumper, which permits you to plunge yourself (without an aide, however with an amigo). Contingent upon the season, you can see ocean turtles, manta beams, sharks.

– Resort Day Visit

There are a ton of island resorts close to Maafushi that permit day visits for visitors. The outing incorporates move by boat, extra charge, suppers, beverages, and all retreat conveniences. The cost is from $80 to $180 per individual. 6 km away from Maafushi there are two nearby islands (Guraidhoo and Gulhi) where you can be taken by a neighborhood ship running from Maafushi or lease a speed boat.

Where to remain in Maafushi?

There are a ton of spots to remain and a significant number of these spots are acceptable, yet I suggest Salt Beach Hotel, Sunrise Beach Guesthouse, Arena Beach Hotel, Kaani Village, and Spa.

How long would it be advisable for me to remain in Maafushi Island?

You can remain in the island from 2 days up to around 7 days or considerably more, there are a lot of exercises.


Booked speedboat to Male and Airport

Accessible day by day, Male-Maafushi, the expense is $25, leaves at 9:15, 13:30, 19:00, 22:00.

Maafushi-Male at 8:00, 12:00, 13:30, 17:00, 21:00 and hurries to the air terminal.

The public ship goes typically one time per day, the excursion takes 1h 35 mins and it costs 2USD.

Friday is a free day in the Maldives, which implies that the public ship doesn’t run.


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