Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica Travel Guide

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica Travel Guide

The first leg of my 30 day road trip starts in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica! This is the ultimate vacation destination! Whether you want an adventure, see nature at its best, or just want to relax or tan, Puerto Viejo offers everything. Unlike other towns in Costa Rica which are packed with tourists, Puerto Viejo is peaceful, has fewer tourists and is the ideal place for naturalists, yogis, sun lovers and those who seek to be one with nature.

Car Rental: Nomad America, use CODE: GOWITHRO for a discount https://www.nomadamerica.com/

Camping App: iOverlander

Location of Camp Site: Mirador Lago Alto
GPS: 9.814237, -83.813244 (Best to use a combination of Waze and Google Maps)

Lodging: The TreeHouse Lodge https://www.costaricatreehouse.com/

La Leyenda de L’Antico Forno in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca: amazing ambience and great pizza
Grow Beachfront Restaurant; in Puerto Viejo Center Limon: vegetarian restaurant on the beach for breakfast/lunch
Pan Pay in Puerto Viejo: fantastic bread and traditional meals like casado con pollo
Pura Gula Restaurant: fantastic Spanish inspired food, romantic atmosphere. Make reservations ahead of time. The seared ahi tuna and pad thai was da bomb.

Tour guide:
I can’t in good conscience recommend the tour company I used for the snorkel tour because of their negligence… and I don’t like to badmouth anyone so I am leaving their name out! If you really want to know the name of the company leave a comment below.

0:00 – Intro and 30 day Costa Rica Itinerary
1:20 – San Jose, picking up car rental (Nomad America) & Camping
2:50 – Camping and driving to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca
4:40 – Staying at the Treehouse Lodge
6:20 – Eating at Pizza Restaurant (La Leyenda De L’Antico Forno)
7:09 – first full day in Puerto Viejo, Play Negra, and exploring the town
9:50 – Eating at Punta Gula Restaurante
10:17 – Snorkeling tour from hell
12:24 – Eating Casado Con Pollo at Pan Pay
12:42 – Enjoying a Massage and the natural rainwater hot tub at the Treehouse Lodge
13:04 – What’s to come on the next episode!

For more travel tips, list of activities and information about Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica visit my blog at https://www.GowithRo.me/


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