Solo Travel | Tips, Advice and Experiences

Solo Travel | Tips, Advice and Experiences

Join my panel and I as we discuss solo travel our tips, advice and experiences of solo travel. If you are someone who has never experienced solo travel, you don’t want to miss this!

The panel:

Shar, Portugal
Instagram: @FeetMeetsLand

NikkiFaye, Kenya
Instagram: NikkiFayeTheWanderer http://nikkifayethewanderer.com/

Phelena, South Africa
@blackbroadsabroad https://www.blackbroadsabroad.com/

Margo, Portugal
Instagram: margoscreativelife https://www.margoscreativelife.com

Imunique, Mexico
Instagram: imuniquebella

Stephanie, Mexico
Instagram: vaycarious

Cinnamon, Portugal
Instagram: drivenspice


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