Virtual Tour Guide to Berlin Wall (Using Chapters now!)

Virtual Tour Guide to Berlin Wall (Using Chapters now!)

This video just a project of tour guide in google earth hope you enjoy!

Google Earth is one’s of our favorite app we use to go somewhere we wanted. Google earth can take you dare without using a plane, you will fly to your location. Google earth is very recommended if you want to see buildings or something.


0:00 Intro
0:16 Going to Germany
0:19 Going to Berlin
0:49 Checkpoint Charlie
01:00 Checkpoint Charlie Sandbox
01:17 Explaining Berlin Wall
01:28 Fun Facts about Berlin Wall
01:48 Map of Berlin Wall
02:06 Moving Place
02:16 Memorial of Berlin Wall
02:31 Photos of Berlin Wall
02:41 People talking Photos
02:56 Ending of the video
03:02 GoodBye


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