Virtual Travel Guide: Samobor, Croatia

Virtual Travel Guide: Samobor, Croatia

Travel journal 2: Samobor, Croatia

Samobor (actual translation “only pine” which is funny because I currently live in the land of pines) is a medieval town of baroque architecture. At the distance of only 20 kilometers from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, Samobor has a French flair and it will charm you with the famous custard slice kremšnita (served cold) or krafna (when it’s nice and hot). As a kid, my parents took me there and I enjoyed many of these delicious pastries.

Samobor is also known for its traditional shrove manifestation Samoborski fašnik, with a tradition of more than 190 years, is the most famous tourist manifestation of the town. As a kid, I would dress up in a costume and attend the parade. This is close to the Halloween tradition in the USA.
You have to try some cooked wine (kuhano vino) that sits well in the stomach when it’s cold out in February during fasnik.

To burn of all the calories from food and drink, there is a Nature Park Žumberak – Samoborsko gorje Hill Range and offers numerous attractions, relaxation in intact nature, walks, waterfalls, and a series of activities from hiking and cycling to paragliding.


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